Review of the Uniden SDS200 Radio Scanner

This Uniden SDS200 Radio Scanner Is Awesome.

Uniden SDS200 Advanced X Base/Mobile Digital Trunking Scanner, Incorporates The Latest True I/Q Receiver Technology, Best Digital Decode Performance in The Industry

The SDS200 is a mobile/base scanner made by Uniden, and it’s a huge upgrade from their previous model, the SDS100. It’s the first radio scanner that has integrated I/Q technology into a mobile/base platform, providing one of the best digital decode performances in the industry.

When you take a look at the radio, you can see a standard keypad on the right, and a customizable color display on the left. On the back of the scanner, there’s a standard BNC antenna jack, as well as a micro USB port, and another port that looks like LAN, but is actually a GPS connector.

Radio Scanners

And although this scanner has nearly unlimited options and settings, the initial set up is extremely easy – all you need to do is input your zip code and the scanner will provide all the codes for nearby police stations, fire departments, and emergency services.

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Best Features

The Uniden SDS200 is considered to be the world’s most advanced scanner radio, but what makes it stand out above the rest? Let’s take a look!

True I/Q receiver technology

Even in the most difficult receiving environments, the latest I/Q technology that the SDS200 uses can provide outstanding digital decode performance.

Instant Replay

The Uniden SDS200 can play back up to 4 minutes of the latest unsquelched transmission. What’s even more impressing is that it doesn’t count the quiet time between the transmissions, so you get 4 minutes of raw transmission.

8GB Memory

A microSD card with 8GB capacity holds the complete database of US and Canada radio systems and still has enough room left to record 100+ hours of audio. Pretty impressive!

Fully Customizable Display

The 3.5 inches LED display on the left side of the radio can be customized with different colors and different test placements based on your preferences. You can even set a backlight on the knob for better viewing at night.

Technical Specs

For those interested in the major technical specifications of the Uniden SDS200, here they are:

  • Location-based scanning
  • USA/Canada Radio Database
  • 8GB Micro SD
  • GPS Connectivity
  • Trunktracker X
  • Frequency Coverage: 25-512 MHz; 758-824 MHZ; 848-869 MHz; 895-960 MHz; 1240-1300 MHz
  • Free Sentinel Software for Database and Firmware Updates
  • Soft Keys
  • Recording, Playback, and Replay
  • APCO P25 Phase 1 and 2

To see the full list of Uniden SDS200 specifications, click here.

What’s in the Box

When you purchase the Uniden SDS200, you can expect to find the following items in your box:

  • SDS200 Scanner Radio
  • BNC Telescopic Whip Antenna
  • Wall brick
  • Owner’s manual
  • AD-1099 AC Adapter
  • USB cable (for upgrading and programming)
  • 12 VDC Cord
  • Mobile Bracket

What Users Love the Most about It

A quick look through online reviews of the Uniden SDS200 further solidifies its place as the best scanner radio. People who’ve made the purchase can’t get enough of how easy this scanner is to set up. Most users have managed to get theirs up and running within minutes thanks to the easy interface.

The SDS200 is way easier to use than the many scanners I’ve worked with the previous 40 years. You can manually program all the radios, or use software to do it for you. Updating the database and the firmware is surprisingly simple, much simpler than in any other scanner! As for the keypad, it’s really well thought out and you can fully customize the display to show exactly the right amount of information you prefer – plus, you can customize all the colors! If anything is worth its price, it’s this scanner. It’s a professional grade radio and performs really well on P-25 phase 2 systems. So far, I haven’t updated to NXDN, DMR, or Provoice, so can’t comment on that one yet.” –R.W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the unit itself have an internal speaker or its own or do I need to buy an external speaker?

Built-in speaker – no need to buy one. It sounds decent to me, but you can always buy an external speaker later…

Can an external (roof mount) antenna be added to improve distance?

Yes, but I would suggest contacting Bearcat Warehouse or Scannermaster to get a better recommendation on an antenna!


Overall, the Uniden SDS200 easily justifies the title of the “world’s most advanced scanner radio”. Its wide array of options and customization settings make it the scanner to buy and the high number of positive reviews confirms that all those features are truly as amazing as they seem.

Final rating: 4.8/5

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