Radio Scanners Under $100

The Best Radio Scanners for Every Budget: Shopping and User Guide Radio scanners were most commonly used by police officers or journalists, but nowadays, they have a wide set of features that make them beneficial to everyone. They can notify

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Best Radio Scanners $100 -$500

Radio Scanners at great prices to listen to Police Fire and EMS frequencies.

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Radio Scanners Over $500

We have reviewed the best radio scanners you can buy. For police, fire and EMS scanning you should use this.

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Radio Scanner Accessories

Radio Scanner Accessories

Look here for radio scanner accessories such as antenna, connectors, books and more. Custom Nylon Scanner Case for SDS100 Police Radio Scanner Check out the SD100 review here Two-Way Radios and Scanners For Dummies Radio Monitoring Guide by Nifty Accessories

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Best Radio to buy


Review Of The Top 5 Best Radios With all the latest advancements in audio equipment, many people think that the good old table top radio is extinct. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, radios have evolved

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Best Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios

We love walkie talkies. Who doesn’t! So much fun. Here you will find Motorola walkie talkies, analog two way radios, really powerful two way radios and always the best two way radios.

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What Types Of Scanners Are There?

Most scanners come in one of two configurations. The are most commonly available as either base/mobile or handheld models. Base and mobile scanners are designed to be set up in one place and used from there. For instance if you bought a base-only scanner you would set it up in your house and use it from the one location all the time. A mobile unit is different in that you set it up in your car or truck – often where you might have your standard radio in the dash. Each of these comes with large antennas and compared to handheld models have lots more power and a greater range. When it comes to handheld police scanners, they are exactly what they sound like. You can carry it in your hand or put it in a pocket (if you have big pockets!) They generally work off rechargeable batteries but they have a lower range than base models. This can be improved by the addition of a large mobile antenna, which will increase the range considerably.

How Do I Find The Scanner Frequencies I Need To Listen To My Local Transmissions?

Scanner Frequencies are readily available on the internet or you can buy a book which will list all that you need. For free Scanner Frequencies try

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Do I Have To Spend $500 On A Radio Scanner?

You dont need to spend a lot of money on a scanner. To get started you will do well with a radio scanner for under $100. When you want to upgrade there are plenty of scanners between $100 and $500. You may never need a scanner for over $500, but if you do, we will have the best option for you with a full review and comparison on this site.

Mid-range Scanners here.

I’m A Bit Worried. Are Police Scanners Legal?

For qualified legal advice please see a licensed attorney, but in general the answer to the above is that yes, police radio scanners are legal. There are a couple of communications that are illegal scanner frequencies though, which are cell phones and encrypted communications, which are often military. So as long as avoid these illegal scanner frequencies you will be fine. However there is also another consideration – using them in some states. So what state are police scanners illegal? They are only illegal to use while driving and that is in five states. The states in which police scanners are illegal to use while driving are; Florida, Indiana Kentucky, New York, Minnesota. And finally one last thing, it is illegal to use a police scanner in the process of a committing a crime other criminal activity. In answer to the question of are police scanners legal, generally yes except for the above. Please bear in mind that this is not legal advice.

What Types Of Scanners Are There

There are two basic types of radio scanners, which are the base/mobile, and the handheld scanners. The base and mobile are generally in fixed locations, such as your desk at home or mounted in the dash of your vehicle, maybe where the conventional radio normally sits. The base/desktop scanner is connected to the power at home and sits in the one place. The base/ mobile scanners have large antennas giving a greater range than handheld versions, and will also have a lot more power. The handheld police scanner is small enough to clip on your belt or put in your pocket (if you have big pockets!) The work off batteries and have a shorter range but you can buy an antenna to extend the range (click here for our accessories), though they are often lacking in power too because of the battery source.

What Is The Difference Between Analog And Digital Scanners?

There are two modes of scanner, the digital and analog. The analog is the most common and inexpensive type of radio scanner. They are more commonly used in country areas in rural communities and small towns. The analog scanners wont pick up digital signals. If you are going to buy an analog scanner, and they are a good way to get started, have a look around and see what is being used in your area. Digital scanners are used in most cities these days. They tend to be more expensive than analog scanners but they have much better reception and the sound quality is also better. If there is no analog in your area, you will have to pay the extra money to get digital, or you wont pick up anything. A digital scanner will pick up analog though.